Stable – a unique gym

Based in Sutton Green, Guildford, Stable was founded by Sophie Bankes in November 2020.

Stable was created with the goal of making exercise accessible and enjoyable for all. A gym without any intimidation and egos are left at the door.

Stable’s mantra is; come in, train hard, push yourself and leave with a smile on your face.

The Personal Trainers at Stable will work with you, to deliver fun, innovative and effective personal training to enable you to live a fit, healthy and happy life.

If you want a more personal approach to your training, if you’re working towards a particular fitness goal, or you simply enjoy exercising as a hobby, personal training at Stable could be for you.


Sophie Bankes personal trainer in Guildford Surrey


Personal Trainer

Sophie is a Level 2 & 3 qualified personal trainer, with specific training in pre and post natal exercise. Also a nutrition coach, Sophie is always on hand to offer dietary advice.

Over the last 10 years Sophie’s training has been focused around running, swimming & cycling. She has completed numerous half marathon and marathon races as well as an Ironman 70.3. In the last few years Sophie’s training has been CrossFit based, however she still enjoys endurance training, specifically running.

Before qualifying to become a personal trainer Sophie worked in corporate roles, so understands how hard it can be to juggle work/life balance plus exercise.

Stef personal trainer in Guildford Surrey


Personal Trainer

Steff is a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer as well as an experienced tennis coach.

Steff’s main goal is to help everyone, especially women, feel confident lifting heavy weights in the gym. She will happily invest her time to help her clients perfect their techniques to prevent injury and to increase strength.

Having competed in numerous CrossFit competitions as well as body building competitions she really understands true dedication to sport.

Her favourite lift in the gym, has got to be bench press and with an impressive 1 rep max of 70kg you can see why.


Personal Trainer

Mandy has many years of experience in the fitness industry. After neglecting Sports once she left college, Mandy found her way back to the fitness world after being advised to take up strength training by doctors due to hyper-mobility. From this she found Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit and never looked back.

She now works as a L3 PT, L2 British Weightlifting Coach and L2 CrossFit Coach. As well as Coaching, she has also competed in a number of CrossFit and Weightlifting Competitions, the most recent being the European Masters Championships in Poland.

Mandy is passionate about the impact fitness has in helping people make better choices in all aspects of life, and understands the difficulties faced when starting from scratch.


Personal Trainer

James joined the fitness industry almost 18 years ago and has made a successful career for himself training a variety of different clients in different style gyms throughout Surrey.  He started in the fitness industry after taking on his own personal weight management objective to become fit and healthy in his late teens.

James is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and specialises in adapdated phycial activity for people with chronic illness or injury.  He also has an advanced kettlebell qualification and is a very experienced indoor cycle coach.

When training with James, he will ensure that all his clients learn the understanding of key movement patterns whilst obtaining a healthy balance between exercise and personal life.  Installing fun yet effective principles of movement is at the heart of all his sessions.

Alex - fitness coach Guildford, Surrey


Personal Trainer

With an intense passion for health and fitness, 17 years in the fitness industry in both London and Sydney as a Personal Trainer, and Group Trainer at F45 Alex has explored many different disciplines both personally and professionally with clients. Those include strength training, middle to long distance running and High Intensity training. Alex understands the importance consistency plays in achieving sustainable long term results.

Having a Sports Science and Biomechanics degree alongside his L3 Personal Training qualification, and experience working with a wide variety of clients – Alex works to understand your goals and what type of training will best serve you ensuring the investment in training aligns with the results. This has included significant weight loss, increased muscle mass – but most importantly helping clients to move beyond short term goals, to enjoying training regularly and seeing the role exercise and sport plays when it comes to mental health and the benefits they play in creating a positive mindset which filters down to other aspects in life.

Alex continues to develop himself personally and professionally, currently studying for a Sports Massage qualification and following an interest in running in the last 18 months (which saw him run his first ultra marathon of 100k, and first marathon in 3hrs 9 mins…sub 3 pending) plans to become an accredited running coach too.

Alex’s ethos is “Hard work pays off” and so he loves to work with clients who really want to maximise the benefits exercise brings in all areas of life.

Nat - PT at Stable gym


Personal Trainer

Natalie is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer, CrossFit level 1 Trainer and Level 1 Olympic weightlifting coach. Natalie is passionate about helping people move properly and using functional fitness to achieve their health goals.

Natalie found her love for fitness later in life, having struggled with sports and weight management as a child. Natalie started weight training as a young adult, subsequently qualified as PT in 2016 and over the last 8 years has added a number of additional certifications.

Natalie likes to try different sports and has taken part in a half marathon, cycling sportive and a number of CrossFit competitions.

Sophia nutritionist at Stable gym



Sophia is a HCPC Registered Specialist Dietitian with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition and Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics.

Sophia has been working as a Community Dietitian within the NHS since 2018 and is expanding her private practice offering virtual, one-to-one dietitian consultations. She specialises in recovery from disordered eating behaviours, IBS and the low FODMAP diet, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular health and reproductive health specifically in PCOS. Currently, Sophia is working in the NHS as a Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian.

Sophia practices a non-judgemental and weight inclusive approach focusing on your own individualised goals. This is based following her own experience of finding food freedom and finding ways to move and exercise for enjoyment.

You can often find Sophia hiking in the Surrey hills with her dogs and husband.

The wellness space has grown massively and it can be confusing to decide what information to listen to. Sophia aims to make sense of all the noise and provide you with real-world practicalities based on evidence-based nutrition science. Find Sophia on Instagram at @eatforyoudietitian and